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How To Find The Diamond That Lasts Forever


Does Size Really Matter?

The size of the diamond is one of the biggest factors in determining price. For instance, a diamond that weighs .98cts is cheaper than a diamond that weighs 1.00ct that is the same color and clarity. Staying under those magic price breaks at .25cts, .50cts, and 1.00ct even by .01 or .02cts can make all the difference to your budget. Quite often the difference in size between a stone that is 1.98cts versus 2.00cts can be as little as a millimeter but the difference in price can be thousands of dollars.


Know your Four C’s

The value of a diamond is determined by cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Decide what is the most important to you and start looking at diamonds with your priority in mind. This can help focus your search.


Don’t Forget About the Band

When selecting an engagement ring, also try on bands to see how the two will fit together. Lower settings with the center stone closer to your hand, will require a custom band to fit around the center stone. These bands will be hard to wear alone. The wedding band is not the headliner, so choose a band that compliments the engagement ring. However, if you decide to wear the band alone - go for a showstopper.


It Doesn’t Have to Be All About The Diamond

Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow and then some. Why not choose her favorite color? They are often less expensive than diamonds so you may get a bigger, better quality stone that fits your budget. Just remember, many gemstones are softer than hard diamonds, so select a stone that will withstand everyday wear and tear. Sapphires and rubies are very popular engagement ring stones for this reason.


Stay Within Your Budget

There was a rule that 1-3 month’s salary should be spent on an engagement ring. However, it is best to stay within your budget. You will have the rest of your lives together to buy her things to show her how much you love her. Take your time, and buy something that is affordable.


You Wear The Diamond, Not The Diamond Certificate

A diamond certificate is very important in verifying the diamond. However, a diamond should be selected because of the way it looks, not because of the certificate. If you like it and think it is beautiful, then buy it. Certificates only tell part of the story..


Fancy Versus Round Brilliant

The shape of the diamond is another important factor in determining price. Round brilliant shaped diamonds are the most popular and therefore usually more expensive. Some popular fancy shapes are cushion, princess, oval, radiant, pear, marquis, and emerald. Many fancy shapes are quite beautiful and brilliant, so make sure you look at them before deciding on a round shape.


What Is The Right Style Ring?

It is important to select a ring that fits her style. Ask her what she likes, or if it is a surprise, ask her family and friends what she likes. Even if it is not what you envisioned, buying the ring she wants can be a great act of showing just how much you love her and want her to be happy. If she loves it, she will wear it and treasure it always.


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