Determined to Mine by Sheryl Jones for Rapaport Magazine

In the early morning hours, while the day is still cool, pure green glittering gemstones are removed from the rich, red earth by miners in southeast Kenya. The stones are tsavorite garnets, named after the Tsavo National Park region where they were discovered in 1967 by Campbell Bridges, a British gemologist.

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Bling Fling a Jeweler Tells All-Q&A with Essence Magazine

Sheryl Jones is one of a kind -- literally. 

The African-American jewelry designer is currently the only woman of color operating her own brand of bling in New York City’s famous ‘Diamond District.” Her one-of-a kind pieces have garnered much deserved praise as well as legions of devoted private clients. Her attention to the finest details and appreciation for the exquisite nature of the best gemstones is what keeps her in business. 

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